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    sharing utility jars between EJB and WAR in a single ear

    npaxton Newbie

      I have the need to have an EJB and a WAR in a single EAR. Originally, the jars are in the WAR (WEB-INF\lib). When I add the EJB, I need the ejb and the war to share those jars, originally in the web-inf\lib. They need not remain at the web-inf\lib directory. Preferably, we have a top-level directory "lib" that has all shared jars in it.
      I am using maven to build the ejb/war/ear, and JBoss 3.2.3
      I have tried changing all the maven <war.bundle> tags to <ear.bundle>, hoping to put all the jars at the top level, making them available to both. No luck.
      I have tried using the <ejb.manifest.classpath> and <war.manifest.classpath> tags. (also tried hand-modifying the manifest.mf to have a Class-Path - in the manifest.mf for the ear, the ejb and the war) No luck.
      If I place the utility jars in the server's lib directory, everything's great. That confirms to me that it is simply an issue of finding the jars.
      Any suggestions?