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    Error Msg while installing JBoss

    gfortun Newbie

      First time install JBoss -- Trying to store HL7 messages in a database-- Messages are received-- How ever no databasing of messages takes place-- The following error message is displayed -- 2004-05-18 12:11:55,517 [HL7ToQueueMsgAdaperService] ERROR - Error in HL7ToQueueMsgAdapterService.run: null ---- Any ideas what the fix is?

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          Adrian Brock Master

          When I posted a link on how to use the JBoss forums, I meant for you to post
          more information, not post in the beginners forum.

          Your post contains no useful information, it mentions neither a jboss error message
          or a jboss stacktrace.
          i.e. what is HL7ToQueueMsgAdaperService? - it is certainly not a part of jboss.

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            Sean Blakey Newbie

            I suspect HL7ToQueueMsgAdapter is part of a third-party product to handle Health Level 7 XML messages.

            If this is the case, you should probably take this up with the vendor/project that provided your HL7 messaging capability.

            If HL7ToQueueMsgAdapterService is something you developed in-house, you should definitely go through the code and make sure the run() method passes a non-null Exception to every invocation of error().