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    repeat and datascroller

    Sergio R Pantano Newbie

      Is it possible rich:datascroller works for a4j:repeat, any example??

      I try:

      <a4j:repeat id="list" value="#{users.resultList}" var="record" rows="7">

      <rich:datascroller for="list" />

      the datascroller executes, but it doesn´t refresh the repeat.

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          Ilya Shaikovsky Master

          yes. It isn't trivial because in general - repeat component just an iterator and have no representation in DOM tree. So you need to update wrapper.


          <a4j:outputPanel id="test">
           <a4j:repeat value="#{capitalsBean.capitals}" var="cap" rows="10" id="table">
           <h:outputText value="#{cap.name}"/>
           <rich:datascroller for="table" reRender="test"/>

          Will work as you need I think.