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    Weird problem starting JBoss on linux

    maeztro Newbie


      I'm having the strangest problem with a J2EE application that is running under
      JBoss on Linux. The application generates some graphics that are copied to a
      temp dir in JBoss directory. The application works fine IF I start it from a
      terminal _locally_ (sitting in front of the server computer), BUT, if I start it
      from a ssh session, the images aren't copied to the temp dir. Also I have
      found that if I launch a remote xterm (over ssh) from the server to my box
      and start the application from that remote xterm, the application works

      What could be different from starting the application locally than remotely
      from an ssh session? I have looked at the enviroment variables and the
      parameters passed to the java VM to see if there's something different in
      both cases, but everything seems to be the same.

      Any ideas what could be going on here????

      Juan Luis Baptiste