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    Confused - please help, we don't want to give up on JBoss

    barneyk Newbie

      I am trying to get a CORBA client to talk to an EJB within JBoss but am failing miserably.

      I have changed my invoker binding in JBoss so that the EJB can communicate over IIOP rather than the default setting and I can connect to JBoss using the Corba Naming Service. The client even gets back the IOR of the EJB but when the helper stub tries to cast it to the relevant object it fails with a BAD_PARAM exception.

      My main confusion lies with the fact that I have read that I need to create CORBA wrappers in order for the EJB to work, but I have also read other articles that claim CORBA to EJB is possible without any mention of these wrapper classes.

      Also if I create wrapper classes that talk to the CORBA client why do I need to set the EJB invoker binding to IIOP as it will just talk to the wrapper locally using RMI.

      Please help, we want to use JBoss for this application but time is running out and we may have to jump ship.