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    Which Client Jars do I need?

    buzz_bee Newbie

      Hi All,
      I have a client java application that connects to the JBoss Application Server. The client application uses JMS, Stateless & Statefull Session beans and CMP beans.

      When I distribute my client application I currently distribute
      jbossall-client.jar which makes my client application about 2 Megabytes in size.

      What I am looking for is a simple table, which states which client jars are necessary for each technology so that I can reduce the size of my distribution. Obviously, I could solve this problem using trial-and-error of all the jars in the client directory, but I'm hoping someone else has already done this.

      I hope someone out there can help me. Oh and the version of JBoss I'm currently using is 3.2.3 but I'm not sure if that is entirely relevant or not.

      Thanks in advance