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    problem configuring jboss 3.2.3 with mySql 3.23

    jonasj Newbie

      Searing on google yields conflicting info on setting up mysql
      with jboss.
      After spedning much time on this issue, the only way I could get it working
      is to define mysql as DefaultDS in the sample mysql-ds.xml, provided in jboss , copy it to deploy AND deleting hypersonic ds.xml in deploy.

      It works but I get some expection thrown when jboss is started.

      I think I should be able to have both hypersonic as DefaultDS and
      mySQl as MySqlDS working.

      Any help here?

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          John Anderson Newbie

          You can have both working. The DefaultDS is really only for JBoss's use. It's where JBoss stores it's data for transactions and such. What I normally do is make sure that mySQL is defined as a type mapping seciton in standardjbosscmp-jdbc.xml. Then drop a MySqlDS.xml into the deploy directory and set the application's jbosscmp-jdbc.xml to use the mysql-ds datasource. You can get jboss to use the MySqlDS as it's default, that is, you can get Jboss to store it's transaction information in this datasource. But to do this you have to remove the hs-ds.xml file.