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    questions abour <rich:calendar>

    Tong Zheng Newbie

      I've got a problem using <rich:calendar>. The code is very simple:

      <rich:calendar id="dob" value="#{userController.profileBean.userProfile.profile.dateOfBirth}" popup="true" datePattern="MM/dd/yyyy" />

      The date is shown correctly when the page is loaded. However, as soon as I click to expand the calendar, the date is gone, and the displayed month is not what I want. For example, the current date is 09/25/2007 and the date in the field is 09/01/1970. When I expand the calendar, I'm expecting to see Sep 1970 there. But it actually shows the current month, and if I select nothing in there and hide the popup, the initial date is gone.

      Is this a bug? Or I'm using it in the wrong way?