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    How To ThreadPool ?

    darthjoe Newbie

      Hi all, I've searched and searched and haven't been able to find out how to
      set up and use a thread pool in jboss.

      I am using jbos 3.2.3

      I found this link on the wikki http://www.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=ConfigBasicThreadPool

      Unfortunately, I get a class not found exception. What jar is this supposed to be
      found in? Does anyone have a code snippet on using the pool?



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          darthjoe Newbie

          He He,

          Well nobody has answered my question... so I answered it myself.

          digging into the source I found 4 separate instances of ThreadPool.java. I think two of them are the same code. :) I guess a little house cleaning is in order.

          There is no BasicThreadPool class as far as I can tell. Either the wikki refers to
          some other version, or its wrong, or I am dumb (it wouldn't be the first time)

          this is 3.2.3, it may or may not be consolodated in 3.2.4. I couldn't tell you.

          Anyway, I picked the jmx one, it works quite nicely.

          Thanks me.
          You are welcome you.