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    sar dependency error?

    Anthony Newbie


      I am trying to deploy 2 simple mbeans, A depends on B. I see the following behavior:

      1) If they're in a single SAR, everything is good. B starts before A and A gets a proxy ref to B.

      2) If they're in separate SARs, A tries to start before B and I get a not registered exception. A fails to deploy, B starts ok. If I remove the optional-attribute-name and proxy-type tags from the depends element of A, both services start successfully and in the correct order. However, I don't get the proxy ref to B automatically injected, of course.

      Here's the jboss-service.xml for A:

      <depends optional-attribute-name="Echo" proxy-type="attribute">my.hello:service=echo

      and for B:

      I know I can fix this by using the prefix deployer but I was hoping for a more magical solution. Any ideas?