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    JBOSS administration

    jonathan courington Newbie

      What are 2 Two administrative features/functions used in the JBoss server that can be manipulated BESIDES queue and message size. and How do I go about it???

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          Darran Lofthouse Master

          What are you actually looking for?

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            jonathan courington Newbie

            this is a class project and I can't figure out what he wants:

            JMS administration is to be presented with respect to the JBoss application server. The general and technical requirements are as follows:

            General Requirements:

            1. Two administrative features/functions are to be identified with respect to JMS as supported by the JBoss application server used in class. These functions must be those that are centrally controlled/administrated within the JMS provider/server execution (i.e., not manipulated through client code).

            2. A JMS application must be constructed which clearly exhibits the effects of manipulating each of the two administrative functions. It will suffice to modify any of the previous assignments for this purpose.

            3. The two identified administrative functions must not be those already identified in class, and must ultimately involve alteration of the XML configuration file(s) within the JBoss administrative environment. In particular, the two identified functions must exclude the defining of a new destination (Queue or Topic).

            4. Potential areas of administration are any JMS-related effects, such as basic JMS properties, connection factories, security (including JNDI), persistence, transactions, and message-driven beans.