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    Associating specific ports with hosts

    dwagstti Newbie

      I have an issue that one might think was more common than my searches through forums proves it is...

      The basic concept is this: I want to run two WAR'd apps on one machine, but from two different ports. I have the virtual hosts running fine, and I can open connections to listen on individual ports.

      I need http://www.mysite1.com to essentially loop back to <my.ip.address>:8080, and http://www.mysite2.com to loop back to <my.ip.address>:80.

      I tried separating the connection declarations in two service tags in the server.xml config file, but only the connection in the jboss.web service worked (8080). Even though the other connection (port 80) didn't work from the other service tag, the virtual host declared inside ran just fine --on port 8080.

      I want to accomplish this without running multiple instances of JBoss and without resorting to using a stand-alone instance of Tomcat, if at all possible. Is there perhaps a way to duplicate the jboss.web service for the purposes of isolating a host-port association, and registering it as a separate MBean? Or, any other ideas/methods I've missed? Please help!

      My env: JBoss 3.2.4, Windows XP pro (forgive me..)