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    Deploying Laszlo on JBoss - Needs Exlpoded WAR file.

    Tim Goeke Newbie

      I am working to deploy Laszlo on JBoss.

      If you are unfamliar with Laszlo, it is a server side processor that takes "lzx" files like "hello.lsx" and converts them into Flash "swf' files, such as "hello.swf".

      This part works under JBoss just fine. However, there is another part called krank that creates precompiled lzx files at runtime, and then saves them back into the local web app directory.

      Since the app is running from the WAR file under JBoss, this process fails.

      Is there a way to work around this issue by 1) running the war file as files in the Tomcat way (by exploding the file), or 2) making a JBoss work around that will allow the Laszlo functionality to work un impaired?

      This is from Laszlo tech support:

      "A handful of things won't work (krank included) if the container doesn't explode the war; that is, the LPS expects there to be a file system (rather than a simple .war) that houses the LPS during development."