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    EJB and Web classes update on the fly

    Benjamin Chung Newbie

      Hi there,

      I have read at http://safariexamples.informit.com/0672323842/Software/JBoss/binaries/container.html that jboss is able to update ejb classes un the fly but somehow it doesnt seem to say how. I am not refering to jboss undeploying any already deployed app/ear and redeploying them again automatically when any class files are changed, what i would like to know if i just overwrite any class files in an already deployed ear or web app, is jboss able to load the new class(es) automatically without redeploying or restarting the server? if so how long does it take for it to detect the changes and is there any where that i can configure the time it takes to detect any changes? i have checked the jmx-console and jboss-sevice files and docs but cant seem to find any answers , can someone enlighten me? Thanks very much!!

      Best Regards