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    jboss duke's bank application

    B Lenou Newbie

      I just noticed something strange. In the duke's bank application, the web client calls a class (EJBGetter) that is not packaged in the web client archive (.war). However, it somehow works...

      How could this be ?

      I tried to do the same thing with another app. The web client contains only the server side web classes (servlets, listeners, filters, etc..) and the ejb interfaces. In that other app, the web code (servlets, etc. ) cannot call another class that is not packaged in the web archive. If it tries, jboss throws a ClassNotFoundException. (seems normal to me...)

      Instead of calling another class, I tried to look up the ejb session bean directly from the web code. In that case, I get a ejb not bound error (NameNotFoundException). However, I can see in the JNDIview (mbean) that the EJB is properly deployed. The name the code is looking up is there?? Any idea, what I'm doing overlooking ???