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    Problem stopping JBoss: wrong port number

    scottymo Newbie

      I have an instance of JBoss running on Solaris which I am not able to stop using bin/shutdown.sh -S. Running shutdown.sh -S shows:
      Failed to connect to server localhost:1099

      What I don't understand is where shutdown.sh is getting the port number 1099. We have our jboss-service.xml to use port 10990 for the NamingService, not 1099. Running netstat -a shows something listening to 10990, and not 1099 (as expected).

      I have 2 questions:
      - Where does shutdown.sh obtain the port number it tries to use when shutting down JBoss?
      - As an alternative to a normal shutdown, is it safe to simply kill the Java process that is running JBoss and the shell process running bin/run.sh?

      Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.