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    log4j Starting Point

    John Anderson Newbie

      I couldn't really decide which forum to put this in, so this one sounds as good as any.

      I've been tooling around a bit with Jakarta's log4j, and it seems to be an awesome utility to have. Needless to say, I'm now interested in using this library in applications. For the most part I understand how to make the log4j configuration file visible to servlets by deploying it to WEB-INF/classes and using <init-params> from the descriptor to pass the path to the servlet. However, this what about EJBs? Is there an industry standard method of passing this path information to the EJBs via a deployment descriptor or a JBoss deployment? Or is it just as easy to pass the Configurator.configure() method an absolute string to a .properties file deployed with an application?

      Any pointers or documentation rescources would be greatly appreciated.