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    Deployment trouble after updating to Version 3.2.5

    svenbeer Newbie

      Hallo Everybody,

      I have run into some trouble after switching from JBoss 3.2.3 to 3.2.5. My deployed application (some Entity Beans and some Session Beans) does not start up anymore, I am getting the following error in the log file:

      2004-08-05 12:32:17,533 DEBUG [org.jboss.system.ServiceController] Creating dependent components for: jboss.j2ee:jndiName=risse/ejb/RdEJB,plugin=pool,service=EJB dependents are: []
      2004-08-05 12:32:17,533 DEBUG [org.jboss.proxy.ejb.ProxyFactory] Proxy Factory for risse/ejb/RdEJB initialized
      2004-08-05 12:32:17,533 DEBUG [org.jboss.ejb.EntityContainer] Failed to register cache as mbean
      javax.management.NotCompliantMBeanException: Class does not expose a management interface:

      I don't see any reason why the application is not starting correctly with 3.2.5 but is running fine with 3.2.3. I would be happy if anybody could give me a hint where to start to solve this problem.