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    Storing images using CMP in JBoss

    Cristian Botiza Newbie


      I have come across the following problem:

      I have a CMP entity bean (Product) which maps to Oracle8. The problem is that one of the fields of the bean MUST be an image (I want to store the image in the database column) and I want to manage the 'image' field using CMP (abstract accessors in the bean class and <cmp-field> tag in ejb-jar.xml). So here is my question:
      How do I:
      1. declare the image field in the Oracle table
      2. declare the return type of the accessors in the bean class and in jbosscmp-jdbc.xml

      I tried using the BLOB type for the database column and java.lang.Object as return type for the abstract getter, but this seems not to work. Do you have any better ideas?

      Thank you