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    Another Hot Deployment Problem

    Ricardo Cortes Newbie

      I have a JAR with one property file in it that is deploying fine on our staging server. However, when I try to hot deploy the JAR on one of our production servers, the property file's values are the same even though they have been edited and changed. The only difference between the staging and production environment is the sheer load. So, I stopped Apache on the production server so no requests would hit the JBoss instance and I still wasn't able to get the JAR with the property file to hot deploy correctly. Both machines are running JBoss 3.2.5 on Linux. I tried running the production machine with Log4Js DEBUG log level on but there's no indication from JBoss that the JAR was successfully deployed. I'm not sure if there's a way to modify the DeploymentScanner to add logging. Anyone have a clue what might be happening here? Thanks.