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    POJO with JBossAOP inside JBoss AS - start point?

    Tomasz Nazar Newbie


      Few days already I'm trying to find some starting point for putting plain POJOs with some metadata for services (transactions, persistance, caching, etc) inside JBoss AS or standalone (with the services).

      Is there some wiki place for that?
      I'd like to see some sample maybe of type:

      public class myPojo
       /** @transaction
       * @persistable
       public void myMethod(..)
       object.setOtherObject(newObject, oldObject);..
      and some deployment descriptor .....

      Any help, links to docs?

      I'm not looking for JBossAOP and related - I know it.
      I want to deploy my POJOS or just run them
      public void static main(String[] args...)
      with metadata in my classes..