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    Extremely slow InitialContext::lookup invocation...

    Pavel Krupets Newbie


      I am completely new to J2EE. I made a simple project with one statless session bean. I invoke InitialContext.lookup(...) method and it hangs application for about 30-50 seconds!

      I am using:
      Server: RedHat Linux 9, Sun JRE 1.5, JBoss 4.0RC1 (PC: Celeron 1700, 386MB RAM, 40GB HDD). Server wsn't heavily loaded during tests.
      Client: Compaq Pentium III-600 384MB RAM
      Network: 100Mbit (works perfectly with other applications).

      Currently I've got Client-Server application with shared middle (business objects and procedures) tier, and GUI client. Now I need to make WEB client and I am wondering which technology to use. So far I am comfused with J2EE (and JBoss). Everybody promises a lot but there is a lot of drawbacks (I hate checked exceptions cause I need to modify all my BO interfaces or make wrappers).

      With regards,
      Pavel Krupets