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    example bmp dd

    louie171 Newbie

      i'm trying write a deployment descritpor for a bmp entity bean.

      The company i work for use a file called jbosscmp-jdbc.xml as they have only used cmp up to now. They dont have/use a jboss.xml file.

      Can I put the bmp in here also is there an exmaple od dd that uses, I'm a newbie having just finished uni.

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          Cristian Botiza Newbie

          You MUST declare your BMP bean in jboss.xml, because this file is used to bind JNDI names to your beans (at least for this purpose). The syntax is the following:

          <!-- for your BMP entity bean -->
          <ejb-name>...</ejb-name><!--the name you declared for your BMP bean in the ejb-jar.xml file-->
          <local-jndi-name>ejb/...</local-jndi-name><!--use jndi-name if you require remote access, although this is not recommended-->


          You may also want to browse the online documentation for other usages of the jboss.xml file