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    Use of corba callbacks in JBoss

    Anton DeFrancesco Newbie


      I am working on a server task that requires me to log into a third party application via CORBA and register a callback with the third party app. I will then be notified when events occur on the third party server.

      What I was wondering was if this would fit into J2EE engine such as JBoss. I was checking out the use of .javax.resource.spi.work.Work interface and thought that might work, but when you register a callback in CORBA, it tends to spawn extra threads, and I figured that might break the thread usage model of a J2EE engine such as JBoss.

      Overall, it seems as though my best bet is to use some interface in the JCA, but not sure if that would be correct or not.

      Any suggestions or guidance would be very appreciated.

      Thanks for your help