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    Active Sessions and Hot Deployment [Possible Bug?]

    Ricardo Cortes Newbie

      I think I might have found a bug but I want to check here first before submitting the bug on SF.net. After some more testing I finally figured out why I am not able to hot deploy on my production machines but I'm able to do so on my staging environment. Actually, the hot deploy works fine but the changes in the property file (located in the hot deployed JAR) don't get recognized if the machine has any active sessions on it. To test this out I turned off Apache so no requests would hit the JBoss instance and let the production machine expire all of it's active sessions (about 1500). As soon as the last session was destroyed, I started Apache again and Voila!, the change from the property file was recognized. Can someone tell me if this a bug? I would imagine it is but what relationship is there between the active sessions on a machine and how hot deployment actually works? Thanks for any and all input...

      Environment: 3.2.5 and 3.2.6RC1 on Linux