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    javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: StoreAccessBean not boun

    Anthony Cavanagh Newbie

      I am running the following tutorial :
      Tutorial for building J2EE Applications using JBOSS and ECLIPSE
      Chapter 3.

      When I run the tutorial I get the following error :
      javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: StoreAccessBean not bound

      it seems to be a common problem although no one has yet posted a solution.

      The tutorial involves a session bean calling a DAO. Calling the session bean by itself there is no problem its when it calls a the DAO method it falls over.

      As I see it there must be a bug in the XDOCLET generation.
      If you have completed this tutorial or got past chapter can u give me the fix.

      If this is unfixable please let me know and I will spend my time working on another unworkable tutorial.

      Thanks Tony