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    StoreAccessDAOImpl problem in tutorial chapter 3

    Ye Tang Newbie


      i am new in ejb world. and i found this excellent tutorial. all my thanks and respect to the author(s). i really would like to finish to the end. but i bumped a small problem in chapt3.

      system: jboss 3.2.1 eclipse 2.1 lomboz 2.1.2(2.1_02 is no longer avail)

      after i inserted @dao.call name="loginUser" into StoreAccessBean, generateed EJB classes for MyStoreMgr, i found StoreAccessDAOImpl is not populated. i expect init() and loginUser() will show in StoreAccessDAOImpl. but it stays as

      public class StoreAccessDAOImpl {

      i dont mink add all the lines, but if it should be populated and did not come up, i am worrying maybe something is wrong and might get stuck later on. lomboz 2.1.2 uses xdoclet.xml instead of ejbgenerate.xml. that might be the only reason. but i am not sure.

      any help plz?