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    setup Jboss 3.2.5 and eclipse 3.0 with plugins of Lomboz 3.0

    Henry Ke Newbie

      The packages I used are Eclipse 3.0.0 for Windows, EMF 2.0 runtime, Lomboz 3.01 and Jboss 3.2.5

      1. Jboss setup
      a. Simply unzip jboss into your working directory (for example d:\jboss)
      b. Setup environment variable of java_home=[your j2sdk home directory]

      2. IDE setup
      a. unzip eclipse to d:\eclipse (for example), dont launch it before finishing setup
      b. unzip emf and move into eclipse directory (d:\eclipse)
      c. unzip Lomboz and edit file jboss32x.server in
      [unziped dir]/plugins/com.objectlearn.jdt.j2ee_3.0.1/servers and then move plugins into eclipse directory.

      . modify following two tags
      <property id="serverRootDirectory"
      label="Application Server Directory:"
      default="C:/nmd/dev/java/appservers/jboss-3.2.3" />
      <property id="classPath"
      label="Classpath Variable:"
      default="C:/nmd/dev/java/appservers/jboss-3.2.3" />

      set default directory to your jboss directory as shown
      default="D:/jboss" />

      . remove subtags as following from tags of <serverClassPath> and <projectClassPath>

      <jar type="variable">${classPathVariableName}/lib/jboss-boot.jar</jar>
      <jar type="variable">${classPathVariableName}/server/${serverConfig}/lib/javax.servlet.jar</jar>
      <jar type="variable">${classPathVariableName}/lib/jdom.jar
      . Add subtags into <serverClassPath> and <projectClassPath>
      <jar type="variable">${classPathVariableName}/lib/dom4j.jar</jar>
      3. Test your system
      Refer to Tutorial for building J2EE Applications using JBOSS and ECLIPSE