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    ping service in Jboss

    Namrata rastogi Newbie

      Hi , I am looking for a ping API point in Jboss. For monitoring purpose, my managing appserver sends ping operation request to a different appserver which pings itself and returns a status(FAIL/OK and elapsed time) using TIB/HAWK 's AMI mechanism.

      In weblogic , this could be done using the following code
      T3ServicesDef t3_services = T3Services.getT3Services();
      String sent = "Okay";
      String read = null;

      read = t3_services.admin().ping( sent.getBytes() );

      How can I achieve this is Jboss ? I think there is no one to one mapping of API point. I want to know if there is an existing Tomcat service or if I could do this in someway using MBean.

      I am very new to Jboss. Your help is appreciated.
      Thanks, Nam.

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          Raja Master

          Or you can check up the namingservice port(1099 by default). This is the one that Jboss uses internally to do the shutdown operation and anything for that matter including fetching mbeanserver implementation using rmiadaptor. So that port should be a good one to check.