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    Difference between JBoss and TOm cat

    Rushanthi Seneviratne Newbie

      Whats the main difference between JBoss and Tom cat??

      What are the features available in Jboss?

      What application can run in Tomcat and why need Jboss???

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          Lisa Retief Newbie

          Tomcat is purely a JSP/Servlet container. If that does not mean anything to you read the J2EE specification.

          JBoss is a J2EE application server (and can be configured as other things too) which bundles and uses Tomcat as its implemetation of the J2EE JSP/Servlet specification.

          If you need the full J2EE fucntionality (EJB's, JAAS, CMP - refer J2EE spec) JBoss will do. If you only want to run JSP/Servlets you can use Tomcat as a standalone and you don't need JBoss, although it will also do the job.