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    hard locking on running app

    birju prajapati Newbie

      I am running jboss 4rc1 on jdk1.5rc on linux fedora core 2. Everytime i run my application, it takes a random amount of time for the computer to hard-lock up. I can run other java applications eg eclipse without any problems on the box. There is nothing in syslog or server.log or the console to suggest why this is happening. I was having the same problem running jboss on jdk1.4.2. Has anyone had any similar problems? This is really weird!! The only one clue i ever had was something like
      'segmentation fault in run.sh' in the console. I had this message once.
      I've tried it using a modified jboss_init_redhat.sh and run.sh and the same problem occurs. I've reinstalled linux, reinstalled jboss, reinstalled the jdk etc! dmesg has nothing slabtop has nothing....someone must have had something similar, no?

      please help,