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    How many JBOSS processes should be running? Redhat ES 3

    Mike Hemling Newbie

      Redhat ES 3
      JBOSS 3.2.3/3.2.5

      I am using Red Hat Enterprise 3 and attempting to run JBOSS 3.2.3. I have also tried JBOSS 3.2.5. When I run the run.sh how many processes should I see running?

      The reason I ask is because I am upgrading from Redhat 9 where JBOSS 3.2.3 ran perfectly. The only catch there is I had to use the LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.1 to keep the environment stable. That worked fine. But with Redhat ES 3 the LD_ASSUME_KERNEL seems to fire off about 50 - 100 processes. When I executed a 'ps -ef' on Redhat 9 I saw 1 JBOSS process. Now with Redhat ES I see MANY JBOSS processes running.

      I just don't know whether I can still use the LD_ASSUME_KERNEL with Redhat ES3. I think I need to because I am experiencing connection problems from time to time where connections are broken and I repeatedly have to reconnect. I experienced this same problem on RedHat 9 BEFORE I used the LD_ASSUME_KERNEL. Anyone experience this?