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    j2eetutorial questions

    Don Asper Newbie

      I've installed the J2EE tutorial, following the instructions in 'Getting Started with JBoss'. I have JBoss 3.2.3 installed on Mac OS X 10.3.5. I'm using Java 1.4.2 with a dial-up Internet connection. The J2EE tutorial example built without a hitch and works for me, but some of my expectations are apparently wrong, especially regarding Internet connections. I'd appreciate it if someone would set me straight.

      I assumed that I would need to have my Internet connection active while running the tutorial. However, after deploying the J2EE tutorial I am not able to successfully start JBoss if I have first started my dial-up connection. Instead, JBoss will timeout with an RMI exception during startup apparently because it is trying to connect to a remote site. Is this typical? This occurs after JBoss outputs the following startup message:

      INFO [EjbModule] Deploying AccountControllerEJB

      On the other hand, JBoss starts without timeouts or other obvious problems if I do not start my Internet connection. After JBoss has successfully started I can then start my dial-up connection and the J2EE tutorial will work as expected. The only slightly odd behavior I notice whenever I run the tutorial is that while it is running I get messages containing 'ERROR [STDERR] Debug' output to the JBoss terminal window. I assume this is just because of the way logging has been configured.

      I thought that I needed to have an Internet connection even though I'm running the tutorial on localhost. It seems to me that I have run other servers that required this. But it isn't true with JBoss. The tutorial runs fine without an Internet connection. It makes sense that this would work, but my expectations were otherwise.