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    New user, coming from Tomcat

    Joshua Eckerman Newbie

      Hi everyone, I'm a new user to JBoss. I've been using Tomcat for the last four years, and still use it in personal projects. My company has begun testing JBoss in a development environment and I have a few questions.

      The two projects I'm working on, will be using Servlets/JSP + Spring Framework + iBATIS + Oracle. There will be no use of EJBs, JMS, CMP, etc.

      Can JBoss handle this Servlet/JSP application, or do I need to integrate JBoss with Tomcat or Jetty?

      I'm a little confused, I've seen some people say JBoss can't handle Servlet/JSPs right out of the box without needing Tomcat, Jetty, etc..? Others say it can, but if that's all you'll be using it for there is no sense in using JBoss.

      I hope that's not the case, because I've heard such great things about JBoss's stability, having actual tech support, ease of setup, etc.

      Thanks in advance,