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    E-mail notification system

    stalk Newbie

      I've got an CMS (Content Management System) based on JSP/Servlet + Struts + EJB (JBoss/Tomcat). And I need to implement one feature. The feature is an e-mail reminder. User of my CMS can create a reminder. Reminder is a set of parameters: Recipients, Topic, Message body and time when system will have to send this e-mail to recipients.

      Now I'm using a wrapper for JBoss scheduler-plugin And I guess it's not very good. My question is: How to implement this feature using standart way (I mean standart technologies). So, what I want ? I want get a form filled by user (e-mail parameters and date when I'll have to send this e-mail), create any object based on these values and add this object into any queue and finally forget about this object..

      P.S. My project is an open sorce project.. So, please don't try to tell me about commercial products.