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    Migrating from Websphere

    Craig Perring Newbie

      I am in the process of evaluating JBoss as a possible replacement to Websphere. I have an existing application that uses JSP tags, JMS, EJBs etc. So far I have managed to get a test app up that uses a datasource to access my database and uses JMS to get/put to a Websphere MQ queue.

      No problems yet.

      I have also managed to deploy my existing application so that JBoss starts up without any errors. However when I access a jsp that uses tags I find that the tags are duplicating the HTML that is produced. Subsequent refreshes on the page causes the duplication to double, triple etc. This carries on until I restart the JBoss server at which stage it all starts over.

      Has anyone encountered this bizarre behaviour before? The application runs perfectly under Websphere.