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    usin jboss's tomcat?

    tonig Newbie


      i've created a Web Project. I used Struts and a Tomcat. The View a JSP-Page the model an JavaBean.

      Now i want the project to run on a JBoss and insted of an "ordinary" JavaBean i want to use EJBs, for my first try a stateless SessionBean.

      I used an Ant-Script to create an War-File and deploy it to the <tomcat_home>/webapps folder. My Problem now is, that i dont know where i have to deploy the war file on the JBoss.

      First i thought i have to deploy it in <jboss_home>\myproject\deploy but how does the JBoss know that it has to start the Tomcat and run the JSP-Page there? Do i have to delgate something to somewhere? Or is there a specific path to deploy the projects, or porject-parts which have to run on the tomcat?