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    Automatic expansion of the WAR after deployment

    David Small Newbie

      Hi, I'm trying to convert an existing WAS 4.0 application to a jBoss application. Obviously, a noble cause. I've got the CMPs and session beans taken care of. My last hitch is in the web layer.

      We stash a bunch of XML files in the /WEB-INF/config/validators directory within the WAR. In a servlet configured to load during startup, I find all the XML files in that directory and load them. On WAS this is no problem, because WAS automatically expands the EAR and any WARs within after deployment. Is there any similar mechanism in jBoss?

      I want to avoid a re-write of this functionality as this project is only intended as a proof-of-concept so we can show management how much better jBoss performs and operates. With the ultimate goal of trashing WAS in favor of jBoss.