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    MQ Alternative

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      MQ Alternative:


      I came across JBoss some time ago but forgot all about it as I didn't have the time to play. I have now however a requirement at work for some kind of message que (MQ), as we plan to send xml messages from the a web site on one machine to a back-end database on a different machine (will collect the message automatically).

      So I guess my question is does anyone know if JBoss could be an alternative for IBM's MQ (which we are currently looking at BUT scared because of the cost) and if not are there any other alternatives out there that you might have come across.

      NOTE: As this will be used in a production environment we need guarantied delivery e.g. For IBM's MQ means 2 servers, 1 running on each box.

      Thanks in Advance,

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          Nick Clarke Newbie

          I do not have direct access to this database, as it is not my main DB.

          My goal is to be able to put a message onto a que (from my web server) and then allow it is be picked up by a custom server running on the database machine.

          This is where IBM's MQ would come in as it would guarantee the delivery + collection and will allow me to wait until I get a response etc...

          MQ Server1 <-------------------- Custom Server Process (Database)
          (Web Server)

          And I was wondering if JBoss could do this instead of me having to buy a IBM MQ licence, which costs a lot!!!