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    Classpath problems - Beans from one ear are using the JARs f

    lindsay_h Newbie


      I have one ear (hehe) - let's call it ear1 - that deploys fine and has lots of beans in it that do stuff and everything's fab.

      I have another ear - ear2 - that, when deployed on it's own, works fine too.

      But when I deploy them both, the beans from ear1 are using classes that are contained in a jar in ear2!

      Both ears contain jars that they need to do their business, and they both contain a jar called utility.jar. When I was making changes to the application that is ear1, I made changes to a few classes in utility.jar and rebuilt the whole lot into ear1. But I did not rebuild ear2 to use the new utility.jar (I thought I shouldn't have to because the ear2 application hadn't been modified - so it should continue to work as normal using the 'old' utility.jar file held within the ear).

      So, now that ear1 uses the new utility.jar and ear2 uses the old utility.jar, when I deploy both ears at once and try using a bean in ear1 it throws a NoSuchMethodError when the bean tries to use one of my new utility.jar's methods. This can only because it is somehow looking at the jar from ear2.

      I can confirm that I have checked to ensure ear1 definitely does contain the new utility.jar and it does. And as I said before, both ears work fine when deployed separately.

      BTW, I am using application.xml to specify the JARs used by each ear. I'm using separate module elements for each JAR. i.e.


      If anyone can shed any sort of light on this weird phenomenon, you'd really make my day :D