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    JBoss 4.0 Deploy problem - util-Classes in .war not used (th

    Stefan Kuehn Newbie


      JBoss is great!
      I found the solution to my problem before i even posted my problem.
      I post it anyway, for thos who have the same problem.
      The solution is found in
      as Frito said.

      My problem:

      Im deploying an enterprise Web application using a ejb-jarAdmin.jar for the enterprise beans and my util classes and a adminix.war for the jsp's and the util classes.

      Some of the util classes are used in the ejb-jarAdmin.jar as well as in the adminix.war!
      That is, those util classes (as precompile.java e.g.) are packed in ejb-jarAdmin.jar as well as in the adminix.war!

      I have notised that, when i redeploy the adminix.war where i have made some changes in the precompile.java those changes aren't used because the precompile.class from the ejb-jarAdmin.jar ist used!!!

      Have i missed something essential or is it a Bug?
      (No, its not!) :-)

      The packages lookes like this



      |...|-(enterprise bean classes...)
      |...|-precompile.class (e.g.!)

      Best regards!