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    Does JBoss support Java server faces ?

    rocketarena Newbie

      Do i need only to add the java server faces library to my project knowing that JSF needs the support of jsp v1.2 and servlet 2.3 which are supported by the versions 3.2.5 and 4.0 of JBoss.

      so can i work with JSF using Jboss ?

      thx a lot

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          Jim Doble Newbie

          The simple answer to your question is yes, you can use JSF with JBoss. In fact we are about to release a product that does just that. We've been using JSF for several months now, so my memory of what we had to do to get it to work is a little foggy. I do recall that we had a few problems with locating the TLD files, that we ended up working around by extracting the TLD files from all of the library jars we were using (including jsf-impl.jar) and copying them into the WEB-INF directory of our war files. The work-around was needed because of a class loader issue that the JBoss team was aware of, so it may have been fixed by now.