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    commons-logging inside JBoss4.0

    thomas lehmann Newbie

      Hi all,

      does anybody has an idea how to build a logger that implements org.apache.commons.logging.Log and that works properly inside JBoss4.0? My first guess was to create a DelegatingLogger which gets a reference to an org.jboss.logging.Logger and which delegates all logging requests to this logger. For example:

      public class DelegatingLogger implements Log {
      // the JBoss logger this logger should delegate all request to
      private Logger _delegate;
      public void trace(Object msg) {
       if (_delegate.isTraceEnabled() && msg != null)

      First everything seems to work fine. But when I tried to resolve the location where the logging event was triggert, always the DelegatingLogger was detected. Scanning the source code of org.jboss.logging.Logger and org.jboss.logging.Log4jLoggerPlugin I realised that there seems to be no solution for my problem, since the JBoss-logger is hard-coded as triggering logger in the Log4jLoggerPlugin.
      Am I completly wrong with my approach? Does someone has a better idea how to use commons-logging whithin JBoss.