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    a d Newbie


      I am totally new to Jboss.
      My goal is to migrate a J2EE application currently running on another apps server to Jboss 4.0

      As long I understand J2EE I only need to create the deployment descriptor specific to JBOSS so jboss.xml for EJB , jboss-web.xml and apparently jbosscmp-jdbc. But I have take a look to the dtd but I didn't found the dtd of jbosscmp-jdbc.xml for Jboss4.0 only for Jboss 3.2.
      So if I use this dtd Will I encoutered some problem in deploying my application on Jboss 4.0?

      thanks in advance

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          Robert Szalai Newbie

          Which version of JBOSS?

          In 4.0.0 final jbosscmp-jdbc_4_0.dtd is located at

          As far as I know it is backward compatible with 3.2.


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            a d Newbie

            Thanks for your reply I use JBOSS-4.0.0RC1 or RC2

            I already look inside JBOSS_HOME/docs/dtd but the jbosscmp-jdbc_4_0.dtd doesn't exist. Every other dtd has a _4_0.dtd version.
            But if you say that the version for 3.2 is compatible so I should not have problem during my deployment