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    new project: is it really for j2ee

    Maxym Gorodetskyy Newbie

      Hello there

      In my mind to redevelope existing project from C based server and
      java applet client to J2EE based one.
      In general, it is customer support system: there are Agents and Customers.
      Agent and Customer client application could be represented as java applet, Active X or any other technology.
      I need to authorize them agains database, route Customer with
      particular issue to particular Agent and provide facility for real time chat
      between them.
      I would need to provide facility to manage Agents, Customers, Departments
      and all this stuff.
      And importand part of the system would be report generation.

      I want to learn J2EE on this project, but not sure, if J2EE would be good
      for such project, I mean would I really benefit from J2EE technology.