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    does JSF components in wsad works on JBOSS ?

    rocketarena Newbie

      I 'm working with wsad 5.1.2 and using JSFcomponents and testing on the WAS test. then i will deploy on jboss AS.
      does JSF components in wsad works on JBOSS ?

      details :

      when you use the comonenets in wsad like : data grid, tabbed panne, relational records
      or when you create a JSF page with data caching. some ibm and eclips framworks are added not only the jsf library.

      did you notice that when you create such components or the type of JSF with data caching, a pop up window ask you to taget the websphere applciation server 5.1.

      i tired to deploy a wab applciation with some pages on jboss!
      many exceptions halted related to the libraries..

      how to do to add thees libraries in the deployed war ? i couldn't export the libraries !!! and the only solution is to look for each jar file, one by one and copy it in the war file.

      as i read about JSF on the ibm redbook and sun documentation : "the jsf are independent from the application servers".

      so the question is : can i use all i want in wsad and then how i will deploy on jboss ?

      thanx a lot