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    Setting cron jobs in jboss

    imran7841 Newbie


      How can i set cron jobs in JBoss.

      Any Help would be appreciated.

      Thank You.

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          Tobias Frech Apprentice

          the way i was imagining it, 'X-GrandMasKitchen' would automatically get created as a 'header entity bean' when first encountered.

          but in any case, X-GrandMasKitchen has to get stored anyway --- either as ASCII in a raw message or otherwise, and so storing it in an entity bean just keeps the storage more structured --- precisely why folks like using relational databases (and by extension, j2ee/ejb).

          over time, the list of stored header entities would grow, but probably much more slowly than the number of stored emails since most headers are pretty standard, even the custom ones. if there are 100 popular types of mail clients and servers out there, each using 10 custom headers, that would be 1000 unique headers and not too big a deal for a normal relational database with indexing etc etc.

          while this is undoubtedly correct database design, i'm still not so sure its right for jboss yet, since finder methods would be used to navigate the entity store; and what i'm concerned about finder methods is that i don't think their results are cached in jboss yet (if they ever will be), like primary keys are. so each finder method results in at least one trip to the database to retrieve a set of primary keys. fortunately, however, the primary keys and their entities are cached, so further trips to database are not needed (if things are optimized right one one has alot of RAM at one's disposal). also fortunately, databases are pretty sophisticated about caching themselves. so really, it fundamentally boils down to the inefficiency of the serialization/unserialization we call 'SQL' if jboss and database are each doing their jobs right with regard to caching.

          any further thoughts or in-the-field experiences on this entity-structure issue certainly would be useful to hear about.


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            imran7841 Newbie

            Thank You for ur help

            I have one question:

            Can I run JSP pages through it?

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              imran7841 Newbie

              Please anybody help me

              I have tried to set timer services in jboss services but it is not working for me. Please provide some examples for that.

              I need to finish it within 2-3 days.

              I need to run a java file in cron.

              Please please help me.

              Thank You.

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                Darran Lofthouse Master

                You could use the scheduler that is part of J2EE 1.4.