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    Cannot Find Bean in Any Scope

    Tripp Bishop Newbie

      Howdy all. We recently ported our application from Tomcat to Tomcat/JBoss. What we've noticed is that now we get lots of annoying "Cannot Find Bean ... in any scope" errors. Simply refreshing the page solves the problem, so it's not that we misspelled the bean name. The other thing that we've noticed is that occationally the request object in our Struts action classes seems to just "go" null. Again, this is a sporadic issue that can't be reproduced consistently. It seems to correllate with the load on the server, but our load has been pretty light.

      It seems like there's something going on with running Tomcat through JBoss. Has anyone seem this sort of behavior?

      BTW, we're running JBoss 3.2.2 on RHEL. The embedded Tomcat is 4.1.27 I believe.