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    J2EE Application testing framework?

    darren hartford Expert

      Hey all,
      Been going down the road of an assumption (for a while), and since assumptions are bad, asking the question:

      What tools/frameworks are available for testing J2EE Applications that are running on Jboss?

      My assumption has been that the only open-source tool that will support in-container testing is Cactus. Are there any others that people are actually using? Junit in some type of in-container testing for Application testing?


      Oh, what I want to test:
      *Entering base dataset into the database
      *EJB-QL queries against dataset.
      *Session bean logic (both without Entity data, and with Entity data).
      *Some workflow-based testing (i.e. Sessionbean method1 to modify data, sessionbean method2 to retrieve modified data, expect certain result on sessionbean method2).
      *Performance over Load testing on local and remote methods.