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    Is JBoss a POS???

    Tripp Bishop Newbie

      First, sorry for the subject line. I'm extremely frustrated with the performance that we've gotten out of JBoss, primarily the way it seems to interface with tomcat. We are seeing a really large number of mysterious failures when accesing the request object from our action classes (Struts). When our system was running soley on Tomcat we NEVER experienced these kinds of problems. It's become so bad that our application is almost completely unusable. The problem seems to be sporadic, though sometimes it seems to spike a period of time. We are hitting Tomcat via apache jk2, could this have anything to do with it? I'm really at a loss to explain the problem. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm at my wits end on this one.



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          Mike Finn Apprentice

          Can you elaborate on/provide a sample of the "large number of mysterious failures". It might help. There are tons of folks using the JBoss/Tomcat/Struts combo. We have run 100s of thousands/millions of requests through our JBoss/Tomcat servers, all through jk2, and all our apps use Struts. There have been problems, but none related to JBoss. All self-inflicted wounds in the apps.

          JBoss has little to with an HTTP request bound for Tomcat (aside from security and classloader). Tomcat listens on port 8080. Tomcat services the HTTP request. Tomcat invokes the Struts action. That doesn't change when you go to integrated JBoss/Tomcat.

          Are you using the same version of Tomcat and Struts as before?


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            Luc Texier Apprentice

            We've seen this kind of behavior in the past when using mod_jk2. The reason is still not well identified but it is definitely not a problem caused by JBoss AS.

            That's why we recommend using mod_jk1.2 instead as explained in this wiki page


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              Jason Greene Master

              FYI for those that don't know. Apache 2.1 is going to include a replacement for JK called mod_proxy_ajp